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Scintillating Spanish Cuisine At Affordable Prices at Milagro

The entrance

Milagro is a new Spanish restaurant established in April this year. Located on level 8 of Orchard Central, this contemporary restaurant boasts authentic Spanish cuisine at affordable prices. The ambience is a little cold for a Spanish restaurant. Other than the lively salsa music in the background and a few guitars adorning the walls, the overall atmosphere is a little subdued, a stark contrast to Spain’s vibrant culture.

Waiting for my meal to be served

The interior

The concept was started by a 27-year old Singaporean, Raymond Chong who fell head over heels in love with Spanish cuisine after going for an exchange programme in Spain. Upon returning to Singapore, his entrepreneurial spirit helped him to turn his passion into a business. 

Though both the owner and chef are Singaporeans, taste is not compromised.  Milagro specialises in tapas and paellas prepared using fresh and meticulously procured ingredients and traditional techniques. Milagro’s hearty and tasty cuisine took my breath away and every bite oozes the true flavours of Spain. The presentation is simple and ingredients are not fanciful, however, the beauty lies in the simplicity and the earnestness of the chef. My husband who was never a fan of Spanish cuisine has been transformed into a Spanish food lover.

Gazpacho andaluz

We started our epicurean journey with the gazpacho andaluz – a refreshing cold soup of tomato, cucumber and bell peppers. It is brimming with wholesome goodness and perfect for cooling yourself down on a hot summer day. The tangy taste also helps to whet our appetites for the main dishes.

Croquetas de jamon

The tapas were excellent too. My favourite was the croquetas de jamon – a classic Spanish croquette of cured ham. It was served piping hot and the crispy breadcrumbed skin combined with the smooth mashed potato and flavourful cured ham completely bowled me over.

Champignon mushrooms ajillo

For something healthy, go for the champignon mushrooms ajillo – champignon mushrooms steeped in white wine and extra virgin olive oil. The freshness and delightful taste were very tempting.


An all- time favourite was the albóndigas – Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce. This is a little similar to the Italian version, however, the smoked paprika gives the Spanish meatballs a more intense taste.

Yummy paella valenciana

Our finale dish was the highlight of the evening. We had the paella valenciana – a classic paella of chicken, French beans, saffron and spices. Originally from the region of Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain, paella is traditionally prepared by the men on Sundays as the women needed a break from cooking. It is prepared in a paellera (round flat pan) and ingredients are combined with rice and simmered in broth and flavoured with saffron. Paella is the most well-known dish in Spain as it is versatile and it encompasses all that is Spanish – warmth, passion, energy and vitality. Milagro’s paella was seasoned with smoked paprika, cloves, parsley and onions and the wholesome ingredients and robust flavours left me completely seduced.

Can't wait to tuck into the lovely paella

Milagro is an ideal place to savour Spanish cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket. All prices are nett, so you don’t have to pay an additional 10% service charge and 1% government tax.

Milagro is located at Unit #08-06/07. The restaurant is open from noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 9.30pm daily. For reservations, please call 6238 6248.


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