Saturday, 18 October 2014

Delectable and Affordable Korean Fare at Su Korean Cuisine

Enjoying the awesome food at Su Korean Cuisine

Su Korean Cuisine at Far East Plaza is one of my favourite Korean restaurants due to its inviting ambience and tasty Korean fare. Over the past few years, Korean culture has infiltrated Singapore and the number of Korean restaurants in Singapore is a testament to the popularity of Korean food. Su is a trendy Korean Restaurant frequented by diners in their 20s and 30s probably due to its central location (Far East Plaza is a popular hangout for youths).
  Banchan (Korean side dishes)

What I really like about Korean food is the banchan (side dishes) served before the main meal. The side dishes consist mainly of  kimchi and other vegetables and they are usually placed in the middle of the table to be shared. Su is very generous with the banchan, eight refillable items are served to tantalise one's palate before the main meal. I enjoyed the tanginess of the kimchi, which tasted authentic and the bean sprouts, which were fresh and crunchy. The shredded beancurd skin with carrots and zucchini tasted good too. The marinated anchovies were so appetising that I finished two helpings. The other side dishes such as the vegetable pancake, black beans, spinach and lettuce were ordinary.

Fresh green lettuce, carrots and cucumber

A basket of fresh green lettuce with carrots and cucumbers was served to accompany the barbecued meats and grilled dishes.

Beef bulgogi

The beef bulgogi ($20) in hotplate was tender, flavourful and juicy and I loved its gentle aroma and light, sweet taste. The spring onion with its mild flavour helps to balance the overall sweetness and gives a little colour to the dish.
Doobu chigae (spicy tofu soup with seafood)

The doobu chigae (spicy tofu soup with seafood - $16) was excellent and came chock full of hearty ingredients including prawns, squid, clams and silky soft beancurd. The sweet succulence of the seafood provided a pleasant contrast to the tenderness of the beancurd, bringing delight to every mouthful. This is so satisfying and substantial that it can be a meal on its own.

Other dishes that I like are the barbecued beef short ribs, kimchi fried rice and the seafood pancake which I did not get to try during my most recent visit as I was already full from indulging in the other delectable dishes.

To end the meal, the waitress served two mini slices of heart-shaped watermelon, which was great as it helped to cool the system and refresh the palate after a delicious meal.

The entrance

Overall, Su Korean Cuisine is a lovely place to savour Korean food at affordable prices. It is conveniently located at #-01-21 of Far East Plaza (14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213). For reservations, please call 6235 0420.

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