Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Experience the Essence of Mediterranean Cuisine at Medzs

The Spanish section

You don’t have to travel to Greece, Spain, Italy or Morocco to experience the food culture, you can now savour it all here at Medzs. True to its name, this 3-year old restaurant specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, featuring a delightful array of French, Spanish, Spain, Greek, Italian, Moroccan and Turkish cuisine.
 The entrance

The concept is similar to Marche where you order with a order sheet and pay after you have completed your meal. There are two outlets, one at Orchard Central and the other one at Millenia Walk. I prefer to go to the Orchard Central outlet as it is closer to my workplace.
Chef in action 

I like the casual, lively ambience of the restaurant. There are several live stations where you can see the chefs at work and witness how the food is prepared. The restaurant is relatively spacious with designated dining areas surrounding the different food stations. The décor is Mediterranean with shades of blue interspersed with crisp white walls. The stone walls, patterned tiles and woody elements create a very cosy atmosphere.
Spanish omelette "tortilla"

Food at Medzs is generally tasty with a few hits and misses. The Spanish omelette “tortilla” is delectable, colourful and packed with flavours. The traditional version contains potatoes, onions and eggs. The version I had here contained red and green bell peppers and onions. However, I could not taste much of the potatoes, nevertheless, it was light and savoury.
 Mixed paella Valencia
Another item I tried from the Spanish section was the mixed paella Valencia, a vibrant and nourishing rice dish traditionally prepared by the men on Sundays, when the women took a break from cooking. The paella at Medzs was a little too wet and although it brimmed with generous ingredients, it lacked the robust flavour.
Signature rösti with sour cream

The signature rösti  with sour cream from the Med Garden section was acceptable, however, it would have tasted better if it was slightly crispier.
 Pan-fried pacific dory with thyme and garlic
The pan-fried pacific dory with thyme and garlic was cooked to perfection, resulting in a slightly golden brown colour. It was accompanied with salad, creamy mashed potato, braised aubergine (also known as eggplant) and tomato concasse.

Waiting to indulge in the dory

Healthy and wholesome, this tantalising treat presented an amazing combination of textures and flavours in every mouthful.

The extensive selection of alcoholic beverages
Overall, Medzs is a fantastic place to chillout with friends as the ambience is cosy and warm and there is a quite a wide variety of food to satisfy different palates. Although the food is not outstanding, it is still quite pleasant. I will definitely be back to try the food from the Italian, Turkish and Moroccan sections, not forgetting the desserts as well.

The wine section

Medzs is located at 181 Orchard Road, #B2-01, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896.
For reservations, please call 6238 9028.


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