Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tien Court Unveils A New À La Carte Menu this November!

The interior

Tien Court launches a refreshing new à la carte menu this November, promising to delight the palates of gourmands. This thoughtfully curated new menu is predominantly Cantonese with a small selection of Sichuan specialities. The new creations are prepared through a lovely marriage of natural ingredients and flavours.

Double-boiled black chicken with cordycep flower soup

I have always loved Cantonese soups as they are nutritious, tasty and comforting. Tien Court’s double-boiled black chicken with cordycep flower soup is one of the most popular soups in the restaurant. It is prepared by double-boiling the chicken in superior broth with traditional herbs and health boosting ingredients such as astragalus, cordycep flower and wolfberries for over two hours. Other than its pleasant taste, this soup is believed to strengthen the immune system, relieve insomnia, promote longevity, improve vision and nourish the body. 

Pan-fried foie gras topped with golden leaves

Another new dish that I fancy is the pan-fried scallop with foie gras topped with golden leaves. The outer crust made of shrimp paste, foie gras sauce and coriander is pan-fried to a pretty golden hue and has the right degree of crispness while the interior which contains the scallops is sweet and succulent. Gold flakes are also tastefully added to bring prosperity and wealth.

Sautéed prawns with egg white and truffle oil

The sautéed prawns with egg white and truffle oil are also superbly executed, offering a perfect harmony of textures and tastes. Prawn heads are first deep-fried till they turn golden brown while the prawns are pan-fried with butter and then stir-fried with egg white and aromatic truffle oil.  

 Braised Japanese japonicuss with black garlic and spring onion in abalone sauce

A noteworthy addition to the menu is the braised Japanese japonicus with black garlic and spring onion in abalone sauce. It is firm, dense and rich in flavor and delivers satisfaction in every bite. Japonicus is also believed to increase vitality, promote tissue regeneration, revitalise organs and improve overall well-being while black garlic is high in antioxidants and helps to prevent stroke, cancer and heart attack. 

Wok-fried rice with scallops, olive pickles and salted egg yolk

The fragrant wok-fried rice with scallops, olive pickles and salted egg yolk is another dish that won my heart. It combines the sweet, juicy scallops with the savoury olive pickles and saltiness of the salted egg yolk, giving depth and dimension to a simple dish. 

Steamed mushroom dumplings with chives

Tien Court also features exquisite dim sum which is a hit with the lunchtime crowd. For something healthy, go for the steamed mushroom dumplings with chives. Each morsel is a wholesome burst of goodness. 

Cod fish rolls with fruit salad in Vietnam style

The cod fish rolls with fruit salad in Vietnam style are not to be missed too. They are deep-fried to perfection and the fruit salad adds a tangy, citrus flavor to the cod fish rolls. The delightful contrast in textures work extraordinarily well together.  

Purple glutinous rice with shredded coconut

For a memorable finale, savour the alluring flavours of the purple glutinous rice with shredded coconut. Soft, light and fluffy, it delivers gratification with every mouthful and concludes the meal on a wonderful note.

The entrance

Tien Court is located at level 2, Copthorne King's Hotel (403 Havelock Road, Singapore 169632. For reservations, please call 6318 3193/ 198 or email tiencourt@millenniumhotels.com.
For more information, please view here.

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