Saturday, 6 February 2016

Herald the Lunar New Year with Tien Court's Auspicious Creations

Lunar New Year is the time for feasting, family reunions and joyous celebrations. Tien Court Chinese Restaurant located at level two of Copthorne King’s Hotel offers an extensive range of handcrafted takeaway treasures, à la carte auspicious creations and sumptuous set menus this season, guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning gourmand. 

Helmed by Celebrity Master Chef Ho Tien Tsai, Tien Court offers Lunar New Year à la carte and set menus comprising Cantonese and Sichuan specialities.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Salmon and Swordfish Yu Sheng ($48 for Salmon Yu Sheng, $12.80 with addition of Swordfish)

The yu sheng is an important part of a Lunar New Year meal as it symbolises yearnings for good fortune, success and happiness. Tien Court’s yu sheng is delicately prepared with pomelo, shredded carrots, green radish and white radish, cinnamon, vegetable oil, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, topped with a mix of salmon and swordfish and crispy golden crackers and drizzled with a delightful plum sauce. Salmon has a rich and robust taste while swordfish is moist, flavourful with a slightly sweet taste. The combination of both enhances the flavours and textures of this auspicious creation. The plum sauce permeates the yu sheng with a light, sweet and tangy taste which is not too overwhelming. While other chefs are coming up with unique ingredients and dressings to spice up this traditional dish, Chef Ho believes in preserving the original taste of the yu sheng. The restaurant also offers abalone and lobster yu sheng.

Double-boiled Superior Shark's Fin in Shark Cartilage Soup ($58)

This all-time favourite milky soup is packed with collagen extracted from the shark’s bone after it is painstakingly brewed for hours. In addition to its hearty and comforting taste, it is believed to rejuvenate the skin. The shark’s fin also adds a touch of luxury to this nourishing soup.

Prosperity Pen Cai ($298 for medium, $498 for large)

Another signature Lunar New Year dish of Tien Court Restaurant is the prosperity pen cai which brims with premium ingredients including whole abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, conpoy, dried oysters, roast pork, prawns, chicken, duck web, black moss, Tianjin cabbage and more with delectable stock in a casserole pot. This delicious dish is substantial enough for a meal! 

Sautéed Lobster with Foie Gras ($18.80 per 100grams)

I am an ardent fan of lobsters, therefore this is one of my favourite dishes. The lobster is lightly sautéed till the flesh is firm, succulent and luscious. Local lobster which boasts a fresh, sweet flavour is used for this dish. After it is cooked, foie gras sauce is added, giving it a gentle aroma and a more intense taste. 

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meats in Lotus Leaf 
$32.80 (S), $42.80 (M), $60.80 (L)

Usually, I try to avoid eating too much carb as it really fills me up. However, this steamed glutinous rice with preserved meats in lotus leaf is too good to resist. The preserved meats give it a well-balanced saltiness. Wrapping the rice in lotus leaf also helps to preserve its fragrance and flavour. The rice is al dente and retains a good bite.

Chilled Snow Pear with Red Wine (available in the Happiness set menu) and Nian Gao

Poaching with red wine is a style of preparation which originates from France. Over the years, this preparation method has become popular in Asia. The pears are poached for a few days till they are tinged with a glorious maroon hue and the flavours of the red wine are completely infused in the pears. Simple, refreshing and elegant, this dessert helps to soothe your throat and aids in digestion after a heavy meal.

Koi Nian Gao ($18.80)

The prosperous koi nian gao, which symbolises abundance throughout the year is an ideal gift for family, friends and business associates. You can have it steamed or pan-fried. Most people prefer to pan-fry the nian gao as it brings out the flavour.

Tien Court's Lunar New Year à la carte and set menus are available from now till 22 February 2016. If you are planning a feast at home, you can order the Takeaway set (with salmon yu sheng, pen cai, roast pork, duck and barbecued pork, steamed glutinous rice with preserved mixed meats wrapped in lotus leaf and prosperity pan-fried nian gao). It is priced at $406 (for 6 persons) and $668 (for 10 persons) and is available from now till 22 February 2016.

Celebrity Master Chef Ho Tien Tsai

For reservations and orders, please call 6318 3193/ 198 or email

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