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Papa's Grove Olive Oil Wins Hearts and Palates with its Unique Taste

Papa's Grove Olive Oil tasting session

I was delighted to attend the exclusive tasting session of Papa’s Grove olive oil at The Provision Shop, a quaint café located at Everton Park on 19 June. 

Savoury sandwiches, éclair and mini brownies from The Provision Shop

During the event, we got to sample Papa’s Grove olive oil and indulged in light bites including caprese salad, ham and cheese sandwich, smoked duck sandwich, mini éclair and mini brownies. 

With one of the founders, Mr Andreas Papaspyrou

Group General Manager of The Unlisted Collection (umbrella company of The Provision Shop), Mr Stepan Marhoul welcoming the guests at the event.

The tasting commenced with Mr Stepan Marhoul welcoming the guests at the event. Papa's Grove olive oil was started by two brothers Andreas and Petros.  It was developed during the Greek economic crisis when Petros lost his job. The two brothers, Andreas and Petros decided to start their own olive oil business and bring premium olive oil to Asia. 

Papa's Grove olive oil

Originating from Greece, Papa’s Grove’s olive oil is aromatic, 100% natural and has a full-bodied flavour. It is made from Koroneiki and Manaki olives and is low in acidity (only 0.21% acidity). The olive oil has also attained many prestigious awards including bagging a silver medal in the most prestigious competition in the world, the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). Other awards that Papa’s Grove olive oil has garnered include silver medal at the Athena International Olive Oil Competition in March 2016, Silver Medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition in April 2016 and Silver Medal at the Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition in April 2016. The awards are a testament to the quality and unique flavour of Papa’s Grove olive oil.

What differentiates Papa’s Grove olive oil from the usual olive oil is that it is robust with a distinct peppery bitterness coupled with refreshing notes of herbs, nuts, citrus and fresh grass. Every drop is packed with flavour and bursting with wholesome goodness. Its unique taste enhances the flavour of food and adds an interesting dimension to simple dishes such as pastas, risottos, meats and seafood. In fact, it is so good that it tastes great even with plain bread. In fact, I have been experimenting with different recipes using this olive oil and I must say that I am pretty pleased with the results. The best part is that including olive oil in your diet helps to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

What is interesting to note is that no chemicals are used in the production of Papa’s Grove olive oil. The oil is also harvested early and cold pressed before being bottled painstakingly by hand. The oil is stored in a sleek and elegant bottle which is painted white and designed specifically to protect the oil from direct sunlight. There are no paper labels on the bottles as these labels contain chemicals and gather bacteria. 

With Founder of Papa's Grove, Mr Andreas Papaspyrou and his wife and publisher of Wine & Dine, Ms Lynnette Lim.

My hubby, Thomas and baby, André Aaron

For more information on Papa' Grove olive oil or for orders, please visit here.

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