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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café - A Fun Place to Dine with Your Loved Ones!

Posing beside the Hello Kitty figurine

Being an avid Hello Kitty fan, I am elated to know that finally Singapore has its very own Hello Kitty café at Changi Airport Terminal 3. The best part is that this themed café is open 24/7 everyday of the week. Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s National Flower, the Orchid, the café is named Hello Kitty Orchid Garden. 

The café resembles a glasshouse set in a garden and is embellished with fresh, pretty flowers. Although you can find Hello Kitty elements in every corner, the café is tastefully furnished.

With a dining area with a capacity of 90, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden café has a retail counter as well as an area where diners can pose with two life-sized 3D Hello Kitty figurines. The retail counter features soft toys, custom-roasted kitty inspired coffee, custom blended tea, postcards and gardening kits. 

Baby André Aaron and me having fun

There are many Instagram worthy spots in the café so you can see diners posing for pictures at the café. 

Despite some bad reviews during the first two months, I decided to give it a try and I am glad that my experience was a good one. The menu is a locally-inspired one with an innovative twist. The café is also the brainchild of the team who started Swensen's. I believe the culinary team has made some improvements to the food over the past month.  Although the food is not mind-blowing, it is relatively tasty. The names of the food items are also very catchy and describe Hello Kitty's adventures in the Orchid Garden.

Going for a Tan (mushroom soup)

Going for a Tan (mushroom soup - $9) is wholesome, delightful and creamy. It is a harmonious blend of homemade mushrooms drizzled with fragrant truffle oil and accompanied with crispy butter garlic toast and a Hello Kitty cookie. Simple and satisfying.

Hola nachos

The hola nachos ($15.90) consisting of tortilla chips, cheese sauce, parmesan, jalapeños, olives, onions and cherry tomato salsa is delectable except that the chips can be a little crispier.

Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest ($17.90) is one of my favourite items in the menu. The combination of the different ingredients such as succulent prawns, avocado, caramelised onions, melted cheese and wasabi sauce provides a burst of different flavours and textures, heightening the dining experience. What I like is the wasabi which gives it a ‘kick’ with its slightly spicy taste.

Big Breakfast Surprise

True to its name, the Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50) offers a substantial portion, giving you your much needed energy boost for the day. This dish scores on presentation. The waffle is designed to look like the head of Hello Kitty and is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I found the homemade honey lime maple syrup a little too sweet. The scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms and smoked duck slices make the meal a protein-packed and balanced one.

Rose, Rose I Love You

For desserts, Rose, Rose I love You ($17.50) deserves a special mention. Named after a popular Chinese oldie, this homemade butter orange sugee cake is a traditional creation dressed up in a modern style and looks like a unique art piece. The cake is baked to moist perfection, sprinkled with decadent chocolate powder which resembles soil and topped with a beautiful rose painstakingly crafted with strawberry buttery cream. Served with a scoop of rich peanut butter gelato, it is a must-have for those with a sweet tooth. 

The retail store

Overall, this Hello Kitty Orchid Garden café is a great place to dine with your family, especially if you have young kids who adore the Sanrio character. The food is palatable for a themed café. Service is also friendly and warm. Thank you Param, Denise and Khairul for making our experience a wonderful one.  We will definitely be back to try the other items.

Fresh flowers enhanced the decor of the café.

The entrance

Hello Kitty Orchard Garden café is located at the Arrival Hall Central, Changi Airport Terminal 3, #01-22. The café does not accept reservations. As it is open 24 hours, you may want to dine during off-peak hours to avoid the queue.

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