Thursday, 19 January 2017

Classic Lunar New Year Creations at Gu Ma Jia Restaurant

Indulging in stir-fried beehoon with clams

Lunar New Year is approaching and it is time to plan a reunion dinner with your loved ones. To herald the Year of the Rooster, Gu Ma Jia has introduced the Prosperity ($768) and Peach ($599) set menus which comprise many delectable auspicious creations. At Gu Ma Jia, delightful dishes are prepared using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, reinforcing the fact that the restaurant offers quality, home-cooked food devoid of MSG and artificial seasoning.

Crab meat and fish maw soup

I was glad to be invited to savour some of the main highlights from the Peace and Prosperity Menu. The crab meat and fish maw soup abounds with generous ingredients, imparting a familiar home-cooked flavour to the soup. It is very comforting and evokes a sense of nostalgia with every mouthful.

Ginseng fortune chicken

My favourite is the classic ginseng fortune chicken which is nourishing and delicious. The chicken is boiled with dang gui and red dates in a flavourful broth till it is soft and tender.

Steamed prawns with Gu Ma's homemade sauce

Another highlight is the steamed prawns with Gu Ma’s homemade sauce. The prawns are fresh, sweet and succulent and the savoury sauce prepared using XO sauce and other condiments complements the prawns very well.

Broccoli with macadamia nuts and fresh scallop

The broccoli with macadamia nuts and fresh scallop is an all-time favourite. I like the fact that macadamia nuts are used instead of walnuts as they are packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health and wellness. They also add sweetness and a crunchy texture to the dish.

Steamed garoupa with soya sauce

Fish is always an important dish in any Lunar New Year meal as it symbolises abundance throughout the year. The steamed garoupa with soya sauce has a fresh, delicate texture which is enhanced with the savoury soya sauce. 

Steamed lotus leaf rice

The steamed lotus leaf rice is one of the restaurant’s popular dishes. It is cooked with chicken, pork, black mushrooms and Chinese sausage and has a pleasant aroma and wholesome taste. The gentle fragrance makes it irresistible the minute you unwrap the lotus leaf. 

Stir-fried beehoon with clams

Another signature dish of the restaurant which is available throughout the year is the stir-fried beehoon with clams. The beehoon is stir-fried with homemade chicken stock. Clams and egg are then added to give it a sweeter flavour. Light, healthy and delightful, it left me craving for more.

Sea bird's nest with wolfberry and dried longan

To end your auspicious meal on a sweet note, I would recommend the sea bird's nest with dried wolfberry and dried longan.

 It is refreshing and rejuvenating and is believed to contain anti-ageing properties.

 With my baby boy, André Aaron and Kow Meng, from MediaCorp

With Agnes from AT Marketing Consultancy, Gwyn from Gu Ma Jia and Baby André Aaron

Gu Ma Jia is located at 45 Tai Thong Crescent ,Sennett Estate, 347866.
For reservations and enquiries, please call 6285 2023. For more information, please visit here.

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