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Detox, Lose Weight, Relieve Aches and Prevent Ageing with Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy

Hubby and me trying out Ganbanyoku for the very first time

   I have never been to a hot stone therapy till I tried Ganbanyoku. Therefore, I was eager to review Ganbanyoku, a newly launched hot stone therapy and holistic healing centre at Far East Plaza. 

   When I first got to know about Ganbanyoku, I imagined it to be a relaxing spa experience where smooth, hard stones are placed on one’s back. However, the treatment was totally different from what I expected.

Waiting for the treatment to commence

   Ganbanyoku is a form of traditional and holistic healing. The origin of Ganbanyoku dates back to centuries ago. It traces back to Tamagawa natural hot springs located in the Akita Prefecture in Japan,where people with injuries and illnesses have cured themselves by simply lying on the rocks heated by the natural hot springs. It has become a popular form of holistic therapy, also used by urbanites in Japan and all over the world.

   Ganbanyoku at Far East Plaza was launched by 70-year old Myanmar born Singaporean, Greta Ng in June 2017. A successful businesswoman, she has managed many businesses including jewellery, food and beverage, Chinese antique furniture and property development. A busy lifestyle has taken a toll on Greta’s body and she suffered from constant backaches. At one time, the pain was so intense that she was wheelchair bound. A trip to Fukuoka, Japan gave her the opportunity to experience authentic “Ganbanyoku”. After a few days of treatment, she was re-energised and her backaches have miraculously disappeared. Greta discovered a new lease of life and wanted to share the benefits with people suffering from the same problems. Before discovering Ganbanyoku, Greta went to many physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions but to no avail. Therefore, she was convinced by the results of the “Ganbanyoku” treatment that she decided to start her first health and wellness shop at Far East Plaza to provide a cure for people.

   Ganbanyoku, also known as “rock bathing’ in Japanese is a unique treatment where customers lie on specially heated volcanic stone “beds”. The stones are heated to 45 degrees Celsius and is said to release far infrared rays and negative ions that help the body release toxins through perspiration.

   My first experience at Ganbanyoku was an invigorating one. My hubby and I went for the couple treatment and we were both very pleased with the results. Prior to the treatment, we were lethargic  due to late nights and constant feasting during the December festive season. Therefore, the idea of going for a detox treatment was very appealing to us.

   Ganbanyoku is not a luxurious spa where you go for your pampering massages with relaxing aromatherapy oils. In fact, the décor of the wellness centre is pretty basic. Upon arrival, we had to change into a loose top and bottom. Lockers were provided for us to store our belongings. We were each given a small towel and a bigger one. Surprisingly, handphones were allowed in the treatment room. First timers were encouraged to place a towel on the stone bed just in case the heat gets too intense.

Feeling the heat

   Before entering the treatment room, we were informed to drink lots of water to prevent ourselves from getting dehydrated and to place palms and feet flat on the stones. A little pillow was provided to support our heads. It is advisable to stay in one position for 10 minutes before moving to another position. After about, 20 minutes, I started to feel the intensity of the heat. My husband, however, was able to tolerate the heat better than me. After about 45 minutes, I decided to conclude the treatment as the heat became a little too intense.

Feeling rejuvenated after the treatment

   The treatment caused us to perspire and we felt rejuvenated and revitalised. The perspiration evaporated after a couple of minutes and our skin felt velvety and smooth. In fact, we felt energised and alert after the treatment and were happy with the radiance and glow in our skin.

   The Ganbanyoku treatment is priced at only $20. It is recommended for people who are suffering from body aches or those who badly need to detox, cleanse their system and lose weight.

With Founder, Ms Greta Ng

   Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy is located at 14 Scotts Road, #02-09, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213.  They are open from 10am to 9pm daily. 
For bookings, please call +65 62089357 or email Alternatively, please visit their facebook page here.

   Thank you Agnes and Ganbanyoku for the invite.

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