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IPPIN Showcases Japanese Food Products Representing the Heart and Soul of Japanese Dining at FHA 2018

At IPPIN's Booth at FHA 2018

   During the recent Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2018, IPPIN, the supporting agency for Japanese SMEs showcased a total of 28 Japanese products that represent the heart and soul of Japanese dining. 

   I was delighted to be able to sample the top three highlights of the show including Miu tomato juice and cherry tomatoes, ayu fish from Umaiya and Wakuwaku Japanese craft beer. 

Miu Tomato Juices and Vinegar

Miu Tomato Vinegar 
Ingredients: 100% Miu Cherry Tomato 
Capacity: 100g/300g 
Expiry Date: 365 days 

   Containing 70 Miu tomatoes in a bottle, the juice is extracted from the flesh of the tomato. It helps to enhance the taste of food and aids in digestion and weight loss. It is a little more palatable than other types of vinegar and has a refreshing aftertaste. 

Miu Tomato Juice RED 
Ingredients: 100% Miu Cherry Tomato 
Capacity: 100/300g 
Expiry Date: 365 days 

   A very concentrated juice with 50 Miu Tomatoes in one bottle, it has a rich, creamy and sweet taste which is natural and pleasing to the senses. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it can also help one to cleanse the system and maintain a radiant complexion. 

Miu Tomato Juice GOLD 
Ingredients: 100% Miu Cherry Tomato 
Capacity: 100g/300g 
Expiry date: 365 days 

   Containing about 70 Miu tomatoes in a bottle, the juice is extracted from the flesh of the tomato. It  has a light, tangy and pleasant taste which cannot be replicated. 

Miu Cherry Tomatoes

Miu Cherry Tomato 
Ingredients: 100% Miu Cherry Tomato 
Capacity: 140g 

   The Miu Cherry Tomato is an organic tomato that does not use chemical pesticides. Fertilised with organic fertiliser, each tomato contains a natural and unique sweetness.

Mouth-watering Ayu Fish

   Originating from Umaiya, also known as ‘Queen of Limpid Stream’, the ayu fish is a premium sweetfish that can only be raised in the Nagara River, one of the cleanest and most stunning rivers in Japan. 

Rolled Ayu Fish Kelp

Rolled Ayu Fish Kelp
Ingredients: Kelp, ayu fish, dried gourd shavings, sugar, soy sauce (contains wheat), sweet sake.
Expiry date: 6 months from manufacturing date

   The Rolled Ayu Fish Kelp by IPPIN is extremely addictive and mouth-watering. A signature product of Umaiya, it is made of two types of konbu seaweed from the Hokkaido Prefecture and is slow-cooked with Mongai Fushutsu Sauce. The soft, springy texture of the konbu and the refreshing sweetness of the boiled ayu fish bring a perfect harmony of flavours and textures to your taste-buds. 

Dried Ayu Fish

Dried Ayu Fish 
Ingredients: Ayu Fish, Salt 
Expiry date: 60 days after defrosted 

   The Dried Ayu Fish is prepared by cutting the fish from the back, seasoning with salt and drying for a night. It is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals and is particularly great for growing children, ladies and the elderly. Often known as the Kogyo (aroma fish), it has a distinctly pleasant aroma after it has been toasted. This fish is also suitable for deep-frying. 

Salt Grilled Ayu Fish

Salt Grilled Ayu Fish 
Ayu Fish (Sweetfish), Salt 
Expiry date: 12 months from manufacturing date (frozen) 
14 days after defrosted. 

   Grilling with salt is the most traditional way of cooking the ayu fish and is also my favourite. This preparation method is simple and retains the original taste of the fish. Salt Grilled Ayu Fish is most popular during summer. To consume the pre-packed Salt Grilled Ayu Fish, you will need to heat it up. 

Wakuwaku Japanese Craft Beer

   For beer lovers, the Wakuwaku Japanese Craft Beer is healthy with no artificial flavours or additives or GMO ingredients. It has garnered many awards including the Silver Medal of the 2015 International Beer Cup, Winner of 2014 Chamber of Commerce Best Effort Award of the Japan Foundation of Gifts and Souvenirs Competition and the Winner of 2012 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Excellence Award at the 52nd Annual Japan Food Festival. 

Pale Ale
   Made with homegrown Ishikawa, Japanese six-row barley, it is well balanced in flavour with the bitterness of hops and malt. Light on the palate, it goes well with sushi and Japanese dishes.

Dark Ale
   Featuring the bitterness of well-blended hops and homegrown Ishikawa six-row malt, it is full-bodied and goes well with meats and Western dishes. 

Koshihikari Ale 
    A light and refreshing beer which is easy to drink. Complements salads and light appetisers. 

Weizen Beer 
   Brewed using Ishikaya six -row barley and newly developed Yuki-Chikara wheat from Komatsu, Japan, it is sweet, zesty and delightful with fruity notes. 

   To purchase the above products, visit METRO Centrepoint at 176 Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843, email or call +65 836 9822. For more information, visit

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